Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Feralco UK, the data controller, collect and process personal data in compliance with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) in accordance with GDPR (General Data Protection regulation). In this privacy policy, we describe what information we collect, how we collect it and why.


Personal data is all information that direct or indirect can identify a natural person.

Processing of personal data is everything that happens to it for example collection, registration, changing, storage, organization, limitation and deletion.

Automatically collected information

Feralco UK use Google analytics to get a better view of how our visitors use our website. Google analytics use cookies which are text files places on your computer to allow the website operator to analyze how users use the site. When you visit our website, our web server- in order to ensure system security automatically- records the domain name or IP address of the computer requesting the access date, file name and the URL you have accessed, the http response code and the web site from which you visit us, as well as the bytes transferred during the connection. The information will be stored anonymously. Conclusions about your person or your individual behavior are not possible. Visit Google Analytics to learn more.

Collected information

We collect information about our customers, suppliers and other interested parties. We collect such as name, e-mail address and phone number.

Purpose and legal foundation

Feralco always process personal data in compliance with the GDPR.

Feralco UK also collect and process data to be able to fulfill contracts, to answer a question or request from you or when you have given us your consent.

Unless we are obligated due to mandatory legal regulations or to fulfill orders, request etc. we will not share information with third parties.

Storage time

Your personal data is stored only as long as necessary for the above mentioned foundations in accordance with GDPR.


GDPR gives individuals rights that have not existed previously. Among other things, you are entitled to transparency, correction, to be forgotten and limited treatment. At your request, we will inform you about the use of your personal data. Maximum is one register extract per year without cost.

If you have questions regarding our privacy policy or if you suspect that there has been a violation of the same, or want to know more and use your rights according to above, you are welcome to contact Feralco UK by sending an email or to our postal address above (marked with GDPR).

If you have complaints how we process your personal data you also have the rights to send a complaint to ICO.

By using our website, you consent to our terms of condition and our privacy policy. Every time you visit our website, you should read the terms since they can be changed and updated during time. All updates and changes enter info force immediately.

Timeliness of this Privacy Statement

This privacy statement is current as of 25th of May 2018.

Where Feralco UK introduces new services or changes the Internet procedure, or the Internet and computer security technology progresses, an updated privacy policy will be published on this site, and shall apply from the date of publication.