Feralco Group

We are a leading supplier of water Treatment Chemicals with production facilities and support services across Europé.

The Feralco Group was founded in 2000 by the acquisitions of the water treatment businesses of Alcan and Laporte in UK. Since then the company has continued its strong growth through external acquisitions and new industrial plants. Feralco Group is a part of the successful Mellby Gard Group. The day to day operations are managed by two co-CEO:s Stephen Childs and Ludovic Huitorel.

Feralco manufacture high performance water treatment and process chemicals and has 17 production sites in 8 European countries. As the second European producer of performance products for water treatment Feralco contributes to supply drinking water to more than 100 million people in Europe.

Our presence across Europe enables us to meet the local needs of a broad range of end-users. Products are tailored, as required, to meet specific applications and reliably delivered to meet short lead times. As well as an effective product line, Feralco can provide specialist advice and technical support to ensure the most cost effective methods of treatment are employed. This service includes feasibility studies (jar testing), on-site trial support, tank inspections and plant performance monitoring.

Feralco has a full range of coagulants and flocculants for treatment of drinking water and municipal and industrial effluents as well as reagents for industrial processes like papermaking or the chemical industry. Feralco develops technologies for production of coagulant for wastewater and recycling of sewage sludge as well as special coagulants. Traditional products such as aluminium sulphate have been joined by new and innovative additives derived from the synthesis of highly cationic inorganic polymers which are now being used to satisfy today’s demand for higher quality water and to meet tighter discharge consent limits.