Colloidal Alumina Sols


Bacosol is derived from heat activated alumina trihydrate which is then milled and dispersed in water to give a sol-like dispersion of boehmite (AlOOH). Bacosol is available in a number of grades reflecting cationicity or anionicity and an alumina/silica grade is also an option. Bacosol is more crystalline than Cerasol and its dispersions are less colloidally stable.

Typical applications are :

- Catalyst supports
- Binder for ceramics
- Reactive additive to refractories
- Anti-slip additive
- Abrasion resistant textilies


Cerasol is a colloidal suspension of high purity pseudoboehmite supplied as a stable sol (pseudoboehmite content is 24% of which 18% is as Al2O3). Individual Cerasol particles range from about 0.04-0.14 mm.

The surface charge and morphology of Cerasol make the individual particles highly surface active. When added to whiteware bodies, Cerasol enhances plasticity and green strength without compromising firing performance. Excellent caking and heat resistant properties make Cerasol an ideal inorganic tension binder and refractory additive.

Typical applications are :

- Refractory binder
- Inorganic fibre binder
- Whiteware plasticiser
- Catalyst carrier
- Textiles