Sulphuric Acid

Feralco (UK) Ltd is a major supplier of Sulphuric Acid . The company has a well developed infrastructure to import, store and re-distribute the product to end-users. A dilution facility enables the supply of lower strength products for specific applications.

Grades of Sulphuric Acid ranging from 77%-98% strength can be made available .

Sulphuric Acid finds a broad range of applications including:

  • pH control in water treatment and industrial applications
  • acid activation for example in the manufacturer of activated earths and speciality betonites
  • the manufacture of industrial and automotive batteries
  • pharmaceutical, petrochemical and chemical manufacturing in general
  • fertilisers
  • water treatment chemical manufacture
  • non-ferrous metal leaching

Feralco (UK) is an Associate Member of the European Sulphuric Acid Association which represents the broader sulphuric acid industry in promoting the safe use of the product.